FACTs Nepal

A lack of proper and timely availability of data in Nepal has always remained a great challenge for all who believe in the power of accurate and contextual data for informed decision-making. In the past, a lot of data in Nepal was considered unattainable, and the available data was often deemed dated, misleading or incomplete, all of which contributed to the escalation of a data-dark situation in Nepal.

Back in 2012, a small group of young, enthusiastic and, like-minded individuals got together with an idea to contribute to address the situation by forming a research company that collected and analysed data to provide actionable and relevant information to cater to the data-driven needs of the people and organisations, from both in and out of the country. The team knew that accuracy, reliability and trust-worthiness of the data needed to be given special focus. Hence, they envisaged to not only work for their clients, but also increase the awareness of the general public regarding the use and importance of data. This needed to be done in a concise, simple and understandable manner, because they understood that data in its raw form can become overwhelming.

Amalgamating all these thoughts together, FACTS Research & Analytics was born.